Memory becomes reverie as I confront amorphous clouds of ink in an attempt to access, filter, and sift through the contents of my mental archive. Chance, combined with imagination, creates opportunities for exploration and excavation of the mind. Through drawing, I attempt to wrestle control from the chaotic patches of dripped, splattered, blotted, sponged ink that breaks the empty void of the paper. I use the unpredictability of the material, along with chance brought on by process, to construct fantastical worlds, creatures, architecture, landscape, and patterns. Continually seeking opportunity for fusion between ink wash and drawn image, I investigate different variations of this method in which I relinquish control to process in order to reconcile tension between randomness and specificity. Many of my works are multifaceted: multiple layers are physically cut, torn, exposed, reshaped, and collaged in order to enhance the complexity of surface and space. It is within this space that I salvage and resurrect memory in an attempt to spark curiosity, evoke emotions, and provide a place where viewers can construct their own personal narrative.

-Antoinette Rosa 2013

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